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In September 2010 the family flew out to Crete to promote a 7,000 Euro reward for information leading to Steve's recovery.

The following statement was distributed to the media of Crete in advance of the family's arrival and was the basis for the press conference and subsequent coverage:

Steven Cook - Missing in Crete since September 1st 2005.

Family statement.

Steven Cook has been missing from Malia since the early hours of September 1st 2005

Following many searches in and around Malia and the surrounding areas, including hospitals, by families and friends of Steven as well as local residents of Malia and the police, Steven was not found.

The older brother of Steven appeared on a missing persons tv programme, light and the end of the tunnel, and several persons from the Malia area contacted the programme with information that indicated a person matching Steven's description and clothing that he was wearing was seen in and around Malia after he was reported missing.

The family of Steven Cook posted a reward of 7,000 Euros for information leading to the recovery of Steven. This was posted ni May 2006.

The family of Steven have not had any evidence passed to them to indicate that Steven has become a victim of serious crime and is no longer alive.

The family of Steven Cook therefore conclude that with the lack of evidence in Steven's case that there is every possibility that Steven is alive and still in Crete, possibly traumatised.

If Steven is still alive and living in Crete, then our understanding of Cretan people being very family orientated and caring, then Steven could well have been taken in by a Cretan family and is being cared for.

It is with the above in mind that Steven's family have decided that it would now be appropriate to restate that the 7,000 Euro reward is still in place and available to whoever comes forward with the appropriate proof and information about Steven which leads to his recovery.

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