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Update: 12th Jul 2013
New possible sighting in search for Steve

The Cook family have new hope in their search to bring Steve home following a possible sighting on the Greek island of Rhodes. Unlike previous sightings the witnesses were not aware of Steven's case prior to the sighting and felt moved to get in touch after seeing a picture of Steve at the airport.

Whilst dining out in Pefkos, a British family were approached by a person selling trinkets and novelty items. This person had issues communicating verbally - a similar scenario to a sighting in Stalis, Crete that the family followed up on last year - although in that instance the person was begging at restaurants.
The next day the witnesses left for the UK and whilst at the airport in Rhodes they saw a missing persons poster featuring Steve and they strongly felt that the trinket seller they'd seen the previous night physically matched Steve's description.

This scenario is consistent with information received following the Cook's  appearance on Greek missing persons show The light at the end of the tunnel in 2005. The appeal generated calls about sightings of someone, obviously lost, that had problems communicating, matching Steve's description just days and weeks after his disappearance.

Whilst a recent search by the local police has failed to track this person down, we believe that the vigilence of tourists, locals and people will be essential to solving this ever widening, hurtful puzzle and get Steve back home where he belongs.

If you, or anyone that you know is going to Greece, please send them this information, and ask them click here to print and take this profile and guide with them in the hope that it will bring Steve home to his family.
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Update: 5th Dec 2012
Family visit Crete to follow up possible homeless lead

Following a BBC Northwest appeal on the 7th aniversary of Steve's disappearence, a lady contacted the family about a potential sighting. Earlier in the year the lady had been holidaying in Stalis, the location of other potential sightings from 2005, and had seen a beggar regularly visiting local businesses opposite the apartments that she was staying in. Unaware of Steve's case at the time that she was staying there, she contacted us following the appeal as she thought it was strange, as this person didn't speak Greek, may have had some form of injury , and that on recollection there's a possibility this person may have been Steve.

When going to Stalis to follow up this potential sighting detailed, the family then got another piece of information from an english ex-pat worker. In 2011 her son was on the way back from a party in Heraklion when he noticed a homeless person sleeping on a bench. This homeless man, seemingly in his late 20's, and in a dishevelled state of dress with a beard and long hair, was speaking in clear English in his sleep.

Upon contacting the British consulate we were informed that they are not aware of any UK citizens currently homeless on the island. We are now focusing upon contacting local authorities, charities and resources that can assist us in following up on this potential line of enquiry.
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New appeal for information on BBC's Missing programme
May 9th 2011

Steven's case was today featured on the BBC's Missing programme. It is hoped that this new appeal, which also included the first ever airing of an age progression image, will provide a timely reminder for anyone visiting Crete this summer to keep their eyes and ears peeled for Steve or anyone that they feel may be him. If you are visiting Crete this year please spare 5 minutes of your time to download a poster that you can distribute whilst over there.

The family would like to thank everyone at Leopard films and the BBC for their support and also the many people who have sent kind messages of support. We truly do not walk alone.

UK residents can view the episode of Missing here.

Steven Cook's family visit Crete to restate the 7,000 Euro reward
October 2010

In late September the Cook family visited Crete for the first time in 5 years in order to re-publicise the 7,000 Euro reward and furthermore visit different parts of Crete in order to distribute posters in some of the less tourist populated areas, and also visit some of the areas where Steve is supposed to have been sighted.

The reaction was very positive, from the media, local Cretans, and ex-pats. The family would like to thank all involved for your support.

To read a full copy of the Cook family statement which was distributed to the media and was the basis of the press conference and subsequent coverage please visit the Cook family statement page here.

May 16th 2010  - Site update - Footballer appeal video published on youtube and Greek pages updated.

Thanks to the kindness of Bolton Wanderers, the BBC and more importantly Greek football superstar Stelios Giannakopoulos, we are able to update our Greek page on the site with a video appeal originally recorded in 2006. A full length version (with an English version of the appeal) can be seen here.

If any of our Greek friends or Greek visitors to the site could help by sharing this link to the updated page with friends it would be greatly appreciated.