Steven Cook missing in Crete
Find Steven Cook - How you can help to bring him home
Important update:

We have good reason to believe, through various sightings over the years, that Steve may have suffered a head injury and may now be surviving through begging or selling trinkets to tourists.
If you are going to Crete, or any of the Greek islands, especially Rhodes given recent information, please help us by doing the following:

1) Download and print this page to take with you - it features several pictures of Steven and you can reference this against anybody that you may think may be him.
2) Take note of as many details as possible - location, nearby hotels, bars and shops, time of day, and any associates that the person may be liaising with - plus of course as much of a physical description as you can.
3) Speak to local business owners and enquire as to how often, how long, what days & weeks that this person may be visiting the establishment.
4) Enquire as to where these people travel from or reside /  live.
5) With your own safety in mind, take photographs of this person.
6) Contact the local authorities, or consulate, if you have complete confidence that this person may be Steve.

Possible sightings
If you know anybody, or have plans yourself to go out to Greece, or want to support the case to bring Steve home, firstly, thank you for visiting what we feel is the most important page on this website - the page where you can find out how to help us to bring Steve home through raising awareness of his case. We firmly believe that you are the ones that will bring Steven home by either vigilance or following and spreading awareness of his situation.

Almost 16 million tourists flock to Greece each year, and 4 million of these are from the UK; Whilst Greece has a population of around 11 million.

So, if every UK tourist told just 5 local Greek residents or other non-UK tourists about Steve then the whole country would know about him.

That would be over 23 million pairs of eyes and ears looking and listening out - across the entire land.

That's what this page is about. Small, simple gestures that take just a few minutes but could really change lives at the same time.

Below are a few additional ideas of how you can help without demanding too much time or effort, and no matter how many of these you choose to do or how long you take, we cannot thank you enough.

1) Join our Facebook group:
  • Spread the message amongst people that you know by clicking here, joining our Facebook group, and help us to share information about Steve. We promise not to spam you with loads of messages - we only update and send out information when it's important. However, the more people that know about Steve, the greater the chance we'll have someone that might be going to Greece that can help to look out for him.
2) If you or someone that you know are going to Greece:
  • Download and print some posters out by clicking here and also print a copy of this flyer. Just a few posters handed out by every UK tourist will help us to spread awareness around the entire country. If you're planning on going off the beaten track, please also take some Greek language posters with you so that the locals can read about and understand Steve's case.
  • Talk to local people - Greek people are the friendliest we've ever had the pleasure to meet. They're very community and family focused, and will be interested in hearing about Steve. They'll also talk to their friends and family and help to spread the word even further.
  • Tell us about what you've done, where and when. Not only so that we can thank you but also so we get a really good idea of which areas have been covered and we can add your activity to our search map.
3) What to look for:

  • Having been in Crete for over 7 years Steve's apperance would have undoubtedly changed from the images to the right of this page.
  • He will most likely be darker skinned, thinner, and may have a shaved head or long matted hair with a beard.
  • He may be homeless, begging and sleeping rough.
  • He may have a head injury and visible scars or a physical disability or impairment.
  • He may have speech problems or an inability to communicate.
4) If you find out some information:

  • Ask for and then write down as many details as possible as soon as you can. Times, dates, names, and locations of who / where you got the information and the same details about the times, dates, names, and locations of any potential sighting / rumour / crime etc relating to Steve.
  • If possible also take pictures of the place where you obtained the information. Lots of businesses change names over the seasons. Don't worry about doing this. It's a country full of camera loving tourists and we've done this many times ourselves without confrontation. If anything, people are more than happy to help and pose.
  • Contact us either through emailing us here to or join our group and message us via Facebook here. If you feel that you have something that requires more immediate attention contact the consulate on (30) 281 0224012 or the local Tourism police.

5) If you know somebody that lives in Greece:

  • If you know somebody that lives in Greece please share this website and ask them to help by following points 1-4.
6) Help to support Missing persons:
  • Over 340,000 UK people go missing each year, and with government funding of £300,000 each case gets less than 10 minutes worth of the UK minimum wage contributed to their search from the taxpayer.
  • We, as a family, never imagined that we would be personally affected by a missing person case. Through our involvement in missing persons we've discovered that people go missing for a variety of reasons - mental health, domestic abuse, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, homelessness, and crime.
  • Donate to missing people UK here. Missing people UK, the official missing person's charity, get approximately £300,000 of government funding each year yet an estimated 250,000 people go missing in the UK alone. That's just over £1 to help find and provide each those missing with the support and help that they need - so please donate - the charity and the missing need your support.
  • Help spread the word about missing persons cases by becoming a Facebook fan of some of the many other organisations such as Forever searching, Missing persons abroad, and Social Alert Me (SAM).