Steven Cook missing in Crete
Find Steven Cook - Events on the night of Steve's disappearance
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The night of the disappearence:

Just before 8.30 pm Steven and his friends set off from the Frixos Hotel on a bar crawl organised by the representatives of the operator, First Choice Holidays.

At 20.30 they arrived at the Banana Bar
At 21.00 they moved on to Babylon
At 21.40 they moved on to Exodus
At 22.20 they moved on to Midway
At 23.00 they went to Liquid
At 23.40 they went to Camelot

They were then scheduled to go on to Factory at 00.20 and at 01.00 go to Club UK where they would remain for the rest of the night.

Roughly around midnight Steve and his friend Andy who were sharing a room decided to head back to their hotel for a sleep.

They were also considering getting some food.

On the way back up the street they were approached by a PR who told them that they could get a pint in his bar for just one euro.  This was in the proximity of the Royal Oak (the lads had eaten at the Royal Oak earlier in the day) but on the opposite side of the street.

Deciding to have one last pint, Steve and Andy went in.

The bar was extremely busy and this is where the two lost contact with each other.

Not being able to locate Steve Andy went back to either the Camelot or Factory to meet up with the group they had left earlier.  This was around 00.40.

Between 00.30 and 01.00 Steven was seen outside of what was previously known as 'Mike's pub' at the top of the street asking a PR girl called Rebecca and another girl for directions to the Frixos.  Not being able to help him Rebecca saw Steve then head left (in the opposite direction of the Frixos) on the main street towards Sisi.

There has been no fully confirmed sighting of Steven since, yet he would only have around 30-40 euros left and only had one bank card on his person at the time.  No cash has been taken out of his account since his disappearance.  He had also left his mobile phone in his room.

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