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Steven Cook went missing in Malia, Crete, on the night of 31st August / September 1st 2005 on the first day of his holiday. This website is dedicated to bringing Steve home, telling people about our search for Steve, his possible circumstances, and informing anybody that is going to holiday in crete, or knows someone that may live there, how they can help to bring Steven home through sparing just a few minutes of their time whilst there. If you have any information about Steve, please contact the relevant authority below.
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If you see Steve, or know where he is please get in touch. No matter how big or small the information may be, it may well lead us to bringing Steve home. If you are going out to, or have been to Crete and have some information that you'd wish to share, please do so. Every bit of information is vital to us finding out what may have happened to Steve that night. For more information on how to help click here.

British Consulate Crete: 0030 2810 224 012
British Consulate Athens: 0030 2107 237 727
Malia Police: 0030 2897 026 900

British police:
Cheshire police: + (0)1244 613511

The Cook family
Facebook: Findstevencook

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