Steven Cook missing in Crete
Find Steven Cook - Steven 6 years on?
In 2010 Cheshire Police consulted with age progression experts to visualise how Steve may look 6 years after his disappearance.

The process involved utilising pictures of Steven and all of the family when they were young adults and again at around 25/26 years old in order to imagine how Steve would look as an adult.

Of course, we cannot discount the fact that Steven's circumstances, having been missing abroad in a hot climate for such a long time, may have changed his skin colour, weight and hair.

Possible sightings
Friends of find Steve
Other points to consider:

  • Having been in Crete for over 7 years Steve's apperance would have undoubtedly changed from how he was when he went missing - not just through natural aging.
  • He will most likely be darker skinned, thinner, and may have a shaved head or long matted hair with a beard.
  • He may be homeless, begging, sleeping rough and have a messy appearance.
  • He may have a head injury and visible scars or a physical disability or impairment.
  • He may have speech problems or an inability to communicate.